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aussie Travellers rate sense over spontaneity 

23 March, 2017 By Natali Mansberg

australians travel friend preference

Does 'impulsive' and 'risk-taking' sum up your approach to travel? Do you prefer to wing it upon hitting the tarmac?

If you consider yourself a spontaneous sightseer you may be a less than desirable travel partner says a new study by

The study reveals that despite our laid-back appearance on the travel circuit Aussies actually value sensibility over spontaneity.

According to the website’s survey, the quality we value most in our travel buddies is organisation at 45%, followed by being calm in the face of disaster (16%) and good budgeting skills (14%).

Interestingly, despite a tech savvy travel climate, the data revealed that commitment to capturing our adventures on social media was the least important quality in a travel companion.
When it came to Gen-Y’s top picks for travel buddies, practicality still appeared to trump spontaneity. Those aged 18-24 rated ‘being organised’ as the most important trait in a travel mate (38%). Next on the list was the ability to take risks and party all night with social media savvy skills coming in last.

Aussies amp up travel spend

Natalie Ball, director, says that the survey’s results are unsurprising given the rise in Australian travel expenditure. A preference for practicality and budget savvy could reflect the fact that Aussie travellers are now the world’s biggest spenders.

“Due to increasing holiday budgets, it makes sense that Australians are choosing more reliable, grounded trip companions. Aussies invest heavily in their getaways, spending more than twice the global average on travel. Given the amount we’re spending it’s natural to select friends who can add to, not detract, from our experiences.”

Safety in numbers

Along with an upswing in Aussie travel budgets, Ball says that current global security concerns may cause travellers to value responsibility and common sense in their companions. During uncertain times a reassuring and reliable partner may be particularly important to those experiencing apprehension.

Ball concludes:
“Australians are some of the world’s most extensive explorers and we continue to travel far and wide across the globe. However, given recent world events, it’s no wonder that we value good planning and level-headedness in our trip companions.”

Aussies amp up travel spend

Travelling with the wrong companion can be really unpleasant, potentially ruining your whole experience. The following tips can help you weather any bumps along the way.

-Budget blue: If you’re travelling on a shoestring while your buddy’s planning a budget blowout, chances are you’ll find yourself doing more squabbling than sightseeing. Pick a travelling companion with a similar budget in mind or make sure you compromise evenly on your activities.
-Diet discussion: Your preference is for Michelin style dining while your mate’s a fast food aficionado. Or perhaps you’re a diehard vegan while your carnivorous companion is seeking a steak in every state. Either way, you can avoid that bone of contention by pairing up with a likeminded foodie.
-Compare notes: Early birds with plans to conquer the nearest mountain trail will likely grate on night owls who prefer a lazy lie-in with a morning mimosa. Make sure you’re on board with each other’s plans and activities and discuss your expectations before you go.
-Go with the flow: Even if your companion’s version of a dream trip is your idea of holiday hell try to keep an open mind. You may just find yourself having fun despite yourself!

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Contributor Natali Mansberg

Natali Mansberg

Natali is a former kids magazine writer whose credits include working for the mouse (Mickey that is). An avid traveller, Natali spent part of her childhood in Israel and enjoyed several stints across the globe. Having worked in travel insurance for three years, Natali likes to simplify the fine-print and help Aussies make sense of their insurance policies. She currently lives in Sydney with her husband and one-year old son.

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