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itrek is all about big adventures at competitive prices. Designed especially for the thrill seeking backpacker, itrek’s motto is, “travel insurance for travellers not tourists”. Designed for the makes it fast and easy to get cover to suit your needs.

Compare itrek travel insurance policies:

Wanderer cover – itrek’s most affordable cover, Wandered gives you overseas emergency medical assistance, medical and hospital expense coverage, additional accommodation, travel expenses and family emergency coverage, a hospital cash allowance, and personal liability coverage.

Trekker cover – with Trekker, you get the same coverage as the Wanderer package, but with added cancellation fees and lost deposits coverage. With this higher-level package, additional coverage is provided for additional accommodation, travel expenses and more.

Adventurer cover - The Adventurer cover is for those who want a high level cover to protect them in most circumstances. It provides full medical emergency assistance and unlimited hospital expenses and also includes dental, additional travel accommodation expenses as well as family emergency plus a hospital cash allowance.

Pioneer cover –itrek’s most comprehensive cover, Pioneer covers all medical expenses as well as return airfare and resumption of journey. You’ll also get personal liability cover, as well as cover for your luggage and personal items and more.

Single or family cover – you can choose to take out cover for yourself alone or for your whole family. Depending on your preferences, itrek gives you flexibility no matter what type of holiday you take.

Domestic cover – domestic cover is available with any of itrek’s policies. Keep in mind that cover offered is limited to specific claim types. Refer to your PDS for more information.

Unique itrek benefits include:

  • itrek provides cover for longer trip durations than most travel insurers and allows you to extend the length of your policy online whilst you are travelling.
  • Love adventure activities? Itrek extreme sports such as abseiling, zorbing, bunjee jumping and more

itrek FAQ's

How many people can I include in my policy?

Itrek lets you add on as many as eight people onto your group travel policy.

Am I covered if I go on a cruise?

Aye aye, they sure do. Do remember that although you could be travelling in Australian waters, you must still check ‘pacific’ on your destination selection.

Am I covered for skiing and my equipment?

You'll be covered medically if you injure yourself whilst skiing. But itrek do not cover for additional skiing benefits that are sometimes offered like cover for lift passes, or piste closure.

Are kids covered for free?

Sure! You can take your kids along on your next adventure and insure them under you policy provided they are under 21 and not in full time employment.

Can I pay to reduce or cancel my excess?

itrek’s easy claims process makes claiming straightforward. Some small claims are often approved and paid out with one phone call.

What additional extras are there?

Unfortunately itrek does not offer additional cover for high value items.

Am I covered if my tour company collapses?

No, itrek doesn’t provide protection from insolvency.

I’m not an Australian resident- can I buy cover?

No, unfortunately it is only available for Australian residents travelling overseas.

What size moped or motorbike am I covered to ride overseas?

You can ride any type of moped or motorbike provided you are licensed to do in Australia and your license is valid overseas in the country you are travelling.

How long is their single trip cover for?

18 months. Itrek lets you travel for longer than most insurance providers.

Can I extend my policy from overseas?

Not ready to come home? You can easily extend your policy with itrek for up to 18 months. Simply give itrek a ring on 1300 884 430.

Do they cover for my rental vehicle excess?

No, itrek does not cover for rental vehicle excess

What is their cooling off period?

14 days.

Where are they based?


Who underwrites them?

certain underwriters at Lloyd's.

What do itek not cover?

  • Riding without the appropriate license - Riding a motorbike/ moped/scooter without a current Australian license could get you into trouble.
  • Unattended items - Keep a strong hold over all your belongings as leaving your stuff unsupervised will not be covered for.
  • Being intoxicated - Your hangover will feel a whole lot worse when you discover that all claims related directly to alcohol and drugs will not be paid. Have fun in moderation!      
  • Countries with travel warnings - Travelling against DO NOT TRAVEL warnings from the Australian Government is a clear no-go.
  • High risk activities - participating in risky activities such as rock climbing, parachuting or hand gliding
  • Flight delays or cancellations - unless caused by illness, injury, natural disaster, strikes or anything beyond your control, cancellations will not be covered for.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – medical conditions that exist before you travel are generally not covered.

Four fast facts

Under 65
Under 65
Not available
$750 per item limit

iTrek- for travellers, not tourists!

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