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We compare quotes from over 25 travel insurance brands in Australia. Do your comparison online to save time, worry and loads of money.


no hidden fees

No hidden Fees

Travel agents and airlines charge huge commissions. We don’t! Our family travel insurance comparison is free to use. You'll be directed to the insurer's website to buy travel insurance without any sneaky charges. We promise!

great family prices

Great family prices 

Purchasing one policy for the whole family (or group) is sure to be cheaper than buying individually. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost family bargain, or a fully comprehensive cover, we’ve got policies for all budgets.

kids free

Kids travel for free!

Most policies cover your children for free as long as they’re under 21, not in full-time employment and named on your policy. Yippee to family holidays! 

kids adventure

Kids adventure Cover

Adrenaline junkies get cover for bike riding,  bungee jumping, jet skiing, white water rafting, zorbing, snorkelling, diving, …and way more! On your marks, get set, go!

travel insurance babies

Cover for babies

Looking for travel insurance for a family with a baby? Travelling with a new baby can be daunting. Pack peace of mind and protect you and your baby with a quick quote.

travel insurance pregnancy

Bump cover too

Already pregnant or about to start a family? Several Aussie insurers cover mums-to-be up to 26 weeks, with some up to 32 weeks. Find out more pregnancy travel insurance top tips here.

Travel Insurance Extraordinaire At Your Service

Eugene loves travel insurance as much as you love your kids. He understands that sharing adventures and creating lasting memories for the family is a big deal. Find answers to your holiday insurance questions to make sure you get the right cover for your loved ones.

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Family travel insurance explained

Travelling with little ones in tow? Don't leave home without a family travel insurance policy. Whether you're looking for a basic, medical-only travel insurance policy to protect your most important asset - the health of you and your little ones - or comprehensive travel insurance which also includes extras like cancellations and luggage theft, Compare Travel Insurance is here to help.

Most insurers allow your dependants to share the adult travellers benefits, which means that often kids can be covered for free. All insurers have different rules on what constitutes a dependant though based on the child's age, study load and housing arrangements, so it's important to check the Product Disclosure Statement. Also be aware of any exclusions, particularly for fun adventure activities or for any pre-existing conditions within your family that might void your cover.

When it comes to family travel insurance policies, you can often save big by shopping around. A comprehensive policy for two adults and two kids in Bali for two weeks can range from $90 to over $250.  

Considering travelling with your family soon? Check out our trending guides of family travel insurance:

Trending family Tips 

kids safety guide

kids safety guide

Woohoo, school’s on break and it’s time for the annual escape! Whether it’s a theme-park getaway or beach vacation, follow our guide to keeping your kids safe on your holiday.

pregnancy travel insurance

Pregnancy travel insurance guide

Not all insurers will cover you automatically if you’re over 22 weeks gestation or have had pregnancy complications. See which companies offer cover for pregnant women.

adventure activities

adventure activities guide

Are your kids adrenaline junkies? If they are planning on doing some risky activities on your trip make sure you know they’re covered, as not all activities are!


Choosing family travel insurance

Looking for family holiday travel insurance for you and your children? Here's a few questions to ask before choosing family travel cover:

Single trip or multi-trip?

The first thing to consider is whether you're looking for family travel insurance for a single trip, or if you might need an annual multi-trip policy. If you've been saving for one, much-dreamed for family trip, then you may only require a single trip policy, but if your family are frequent travellers, an annual policy can cover you for as many holidays as you like, up to the maximum trip duration on your policy.

What activities and extras do you need?

Do you have an active family? Make your family holiday meets your needs. If your children like activities like hiking, scuba divingjet-skiing, or winter sports, or you're hiring a car, etc, make sure that you've got a policy that covers them, and that you've selected any add-ons you need.

Are you travelling with high-value electronics?

Most families these days are travelling with iPads, Nintendo Switches, iPhones and other gadgets to keep their children entertained during flights or long road trips. Check the item limits work for your needs, or whether you need to list them as high-value items.

Have you covered your medical conditions?

Making sure you have family travel insurance cover any pre-existing medical conditions you or your children have. Look for insurers who offer online medical screening for pre-existing conditions, so you can declare your family's health conditions straight away.  


What is considered a dependant?

Children or grandchildren travelling with you under the age of 21 can usually be included in the family travel insurance policy for no additional cost. Each insurer's dependant age limit does vary between the ages of 18- 25, refer to our guide to compare the different insurers dependant age limits. 

Are all travellers under 19 covered for free?

Generally, only dependants not in full time employment who are travelling with parents or grandparents are considered dependants. If a 19-year-old is travelling on their own, they need to purchase their own policy. The same rules apply for any children travelling on their own, or with adults other than their parents. They will require their own separate policy.

Am I covered by family travel insurance if I am pregnant?

Most insurers cover pregnancy up to around 22 weeks in gestation, although some cover until 32 weeks. Our pregnancy travel insurance guide provides a lot more detail on who-covers-what. 

Can you get travel insurance for children travelling unaccompanied by a parent or grandparent?

Yes, most insurers do not have a minimum age, so you can get travel insurance for children travelling without their guardians, such as by themselves, or with friends or school groups. You must, however, make sure they are listed as adult travellers with full cover, rather than the dependants of their teacher, aunts and uncles or adult siblings.

What adventure sports are included in a family policy?

Most insurers cover activities like snorkelling, bike riding, golf, horse riding, kayaking for free. Although some more adventurous sports like rock climbing, abseiling, white water rafting may require you to purchase a sports-pack in order to be covered. Our activities guide provides more details on the types of activites that are covered. 

Are iPads covered by travel insurance?

Mid-range or comprehensive policies include protection for all your holiday gadgets. Total luggage cover tends to vary between $2,000 - $15,000 so make sure you pick a policy which includes enough luggage cover for all your exxy items. Remember single item limits apply - so when you're claiming you may only be able to claim for up to $750 per item. If you have an expensive watch or camera you want to take on your holiday, make sure you tell your insurer. You may need to insure it separately as a high-value item.

We're renting a car - are we covered for rental vehicle excess?

Some travel insurance policies cover the excess or deductible which you become legally liable to pay under your car hire agreement should you have a ding or scape. Look for 'rental vehicle excess' as a benefit when comparing policies.

Are water parks covered?

Yes, there's no need to mention to an insurer that you intend to visit a water park. If you have a slip on the slides and needed to see a doctor your medical bills would be covered.

family travel insurance reviews

With over 100 insurers to pick from in Australia, it can be difficult deciding which company to purchase your family travel insurance from. Why not see how they've done in the past? We collect reviews from thousands of Aussie families, asking for scores on value for money, customer service and their claims experience. 

Do you have a story to share? Whether your experience was wonderful or woeful, you can rate your travel insurer to help other Australian families find the the best cover for their holidays.
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