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tigerair strike action delays
01 May 2018

Proposed industrial action by Tigerair pilots might leave tens of thousands of travellers on the bench as they try to make it to the A-League Grand Finals this weekend. Will your travel insurance get you to the game on time?
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boracay closed island shut down
09 April 2018

Hundreds of travellers have been thrown into chaos as the Philippines shut down the island of Boracay to tourists for six months. What should you do, and will travel insurance cover it? Find out from the travel insurance experts.
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senior cruise travel insurance
18 February 2018

Ever considered spending your retirement on a round-the-world cruise? Aussie seniors sure are, with 1 in 10 boarding a cruise this year, and 30% considering a life at sea over staying at home.
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equipment not covered in use
29 January 2018

Holiday-makers assume that their personal belongings are covered for all scenarios when damaged, when in fact there are a host of exclusions to be aware of.
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USA storm travel insurance
10 January 2018

Flight chaos continues to confuse Aussies on where they stand when it comes to scheduled flights not taking off. We clear the air on flight cover!
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school holidays price soar
15 December 2017

36% of Australian families regularly blow their budgets during school holidays. We tell you how to find some economical hidden gems to look out for!
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Bali volcano causes travel insurance confusion
22 November 2017

For droves of travellers heading to Bali for the upcoming silly season, fears mount as the eruption and resultant ash cloud threatens to cause havoc for holidaymakers.
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babymoon travel insurance
14 September 2017

A growing number of pregnant travellers are holidaying closer to their due dates. We outline the risks involved and explain when you would and wouldn't be covered by travel insurance.
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airport security travel insurance
10 August 2017

As a result of recent foiled terror attacks, airport security around Australia has been drastically ramped up. Travellers facing delays may be wondering whether their travel insurance policies would assist them in the event of heightened security measures.
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korea war
9 August 2017

On route to South Korea, Japan and the United States? Find out where you stand in terms of travel insurance and acts of war around North Korea.
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digital detox and travel insurance
1 August 2017

It may be the travel accessory we can’t go without but could smartphones be holding back our holidays? Experts warn that the use of technology on our holidays may limit our capacity to fully ‘switch off’ and engage with our surroundings and loved ones.
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jewellery and travel insurance
27 June 2017

Planning to travel with some bling? Did you know that most travel insurers won't cover high-cost jewellery? Before you bring your brilliant baubles along, read this guide.
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qatar flight cancellations travel insurance
13 June 2017

Recently the Gulf countries have cut diplomatic ties to Qatar, including air travel to and from Doha. Find out where you stand in terms of travel insurance and if a flight cancellation would be covered in this event.
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british airways travel delays travel insurance
29 May 2017

The recent flight delays caused by British airways had passengers in a flurry. It can be confusing knowing where you stand in terms of compensation and where travel insurance fits in. We explore the topic in detail.
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millennials shun travel insurance
11 May 2017

The past few months have seen a significant number of Aussies running into trouble abroad. As young Aussies find themselves in a disturbing scenarios overseas, a recent study by can reveal that millennials are the least likely to buy travel insurance.
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Electronics travel ban sparks insurance queries
22 March 2017

The recent inflight electronics ban has sent the travel world abuzz. We explain the new rules and how they affect your travel insurance.  
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Aussies travellers prefer sensible friends
1 March 2017

Despite our laid-back appearance on the travel circuit it turns out that Aussies actually value sensibility over spontaneity in our travel companions. Read more about our travel preferences and find out how to nab the perfect travel partner. 

Aussies prefer wanderlust to weddings
25 January 2017

A new study has found that up to 89% of Australians would opt to spend their savings on a holiday rather than get married. The shock findings come as more Aussies appear to value travel over material goods and conventional investments. 

Avoid unlawful larrikinism this Australia Day
25 January 2017

Aussies abroad are advised to play it safe this Australia Day after a wave of disturbing international incidents. Beyond travel insurance, Australians are urged to obey laws and cultural norms. 

Tigerair flight cuts to Bali: Are you covered?
13 January 2017

Hundreds of Aussies have experienced huge holiday disappointment due to Tigerair’s sudden flight cancellation both to and from the popular tourist destination. So will travel insurance cover you for such an event? We explain more. 

Just inn: Aussies prefer hotels to Airbnb
16 November 2016

Despite the popularity of Airbnb, a new survey has found that travellers continue to harbour reservations over home sharing services. 73.8% of respondents say they would prefer to book a hotel over an Airbnb for reasons such as; ‘reliability, ‘better convenience’ and ‘safety issues.’

Trump Election Results Trigger US Travel Fears
9 November 2016

The destabilising impact of the election could pose risks for Australians within the US and those intending to travel there.

Aussies swipe right for holiday romance
1 November 2016

Aussie travellers: we’re a friendly, frisky bunch- particularly when we’re on holidays. New research reveals that nearly two in 10 of us (15%) would use a dating app or website to forge a fling or friendship while on vacation.

Thai king's death and travel insurance
13 October 2016

The death of King Bhumibol has triggered nationwide mourning in Thailand. Travellers bound for the region are reasonably questioning their rights and the sense in travelling to the region. Our article explains the situation in detail. 

Aussies take punt on travel insurance
3 September 2016

A whopping 4 in 5 of us would give travel insurance a miss if we were travelling to a sports match within Australia. Packing travel insurance for a local escape may not be common practice, but it should be.

Mum’s the word says travellers calling home
1 August 2016

Aussie travellers favour mum over dad in an emergency says recent findings from New research has shown that most of us (19%) would call mum before calling dad (6% of respondents), or even the authorities (17%) when we’re in a spot of trouble overseas.

Lying for luxury: Fibbing your way to first
27 June 2016

A new study from reveals that 42.8% of travellers would lie to get an upgrade on their holidays. Would you lie?

More Aussies choosing to cruise
20 April 2016

New data from reveals that cruises are becoming an increasingly mainstream holiday choice. More and more Australians are choosing to cruise irrespective of age, economic status or life stage.

Hot Holidays: Itineraries To Ignite!
14 February 2016

After a few (or many) years together the sheen on your once ravishing romance may have worn off. Ready to end your relationship rut? bring you 5 hot travel tips to revive that romance!

Fairfax’s travel insurance joins comparison
10 Febuary 2016

A new insurance provider Traveller Insure enters the market and joins the panel of brands on

Bogan boycott: how not to be a toolie
18 December 2015

Whether it’s crashing the festivities of schoolies week or simply unleashing the full force of the inner bogan whilst abroad, the verdict is clear; there’s nothing cool about being a tool! Can the myth of badly behaved Aussie abroad be dispelled? We take a look.

Bali’s tourists covered in ash…again
4 November 2015

  Once again, a volcano has erupted in Indonesia, disrupting the flights and holidays of thousands. We explain how tourists will weather the ash cloud storm this time around, and the various insurers that will cover travellers affected by the situation. 

Results are in: Schoolies dying to party
26 November 2015

A time-honoured ritual, schoolies is an opportunity for recent graduates to let their hair down after the long hard slog of their final year. But with teens abandoning all rhyme and reason, are schoolies a lesson in misadventure?  

Airbnb drives home the need for travel insurance
17 August 2015

Although it’s an incredibly exciting landscape, the home-sharing industry is still relatively new, and there’s no accounting for any unexpected incidents. Travel insurance is always a must, regardless of where you stay.

Bali volcano causes travel insurance confusion
1 August 2015

Whether you’re vacation veteran or a first time flyer, a natural disaster can cause a flurry of frustration. Whilst you can’t always plan for the unexpected, a good understanding of your travel insurance policy can help to smooth over any holiday hurdles.

Aussies foregoing ski cover face winter wipe outs
1 June 2015

Whether you’re planning to tear up the slopes in Thredbo or shred powder in Whistler, it’s essential to pack ski insurance. Without cover, your trip can slip from bad to worse faster than an avalanche.

Selfie destructive habits spoil holidays
3 March 2015

Simply put, a life-risking selfie is never a good idea. Taking out travel insurance on the other hand, is. With the right cover and a good dose of selfie smarts, you’ll be set for holiday heaven.

Travel insurance for mopeds or scooters
1 March 2015

Riding a motorcycle or scooter on holiday can be a thrilling, inexpensive way to travel...until something happens! The cost of a hospital trip overseas can send your budget skyrocketing and your stress levels too. Make sure you ride safe, and have adequate cover before you hit the road.

CTI welcomes Travel Insurance Saver
12 January 2015

CTI welcomes Travel Insurance Saver

Save on your travel insurance this Xmas
1 December 2014

Looking for Christmas bargains? You don't need to shell out loads of cash on your travel insurance this silly season. You can save big simply by scoping out discounts and using a comparison site. We know you'd rather save your precious pennies to stock up on pressies after all!

Dumb dives and travel insurance
28 Nov 2014

Dear 16 – 25 year old males on holiday, Please could you stop jumping off balconies into swimming pools.  The end. Yours faithfully, The hotel owner, the ambulance men, the coroner and your forever-suffering parents.

CTI warmly welcomes AIG
10 Oct 2014

AIG products are now available online at Australian insurance comparison website, along with its stellar lineup of 21 travel insurers.

CTI warmly welcomes Webjet
14 Oct 2014

Travel insurance quotes from Webjet are now available online through our comparison.

Which medical conditions are covered?
9 Sep 2014

We help to explain which conditions are covered and why claims are rejected.

Are your lost or stolen belongings covered?
16 April 2014

Did you know forgetting a suitcase on the airport conveyer belt is not covered by your travel insurance? Find out when travel insurance actually covers for lost, or stolen belongings!

Travel insurance cancellation cover
20 Nov 2013

The truth about travel insurance cancellation cover revealed!

Safety tips for travelling abroad
2 Sep 2013

Planning for a trip is so exciting - organising your itinerary, accommodation, travel insurance, visas and immunizations and not to mention your holiday wardrobe.

The most unusual insurance claims
7 Aug 2012

Insurance aggregator site says lost luggage and cancelled flights are the least of your worries. CTI reveals some of the most unusual travel insurance claims made to Allianz Global Assistance.

Policies leaving travellers out of pocket
12 June 2013

A recent study conducted by Australia’s leading travel insurance comparison site reveals that Australian travellers are left out-of-pocket as leading insurers don’t pay out.

Advert banned for being grotesquely obese
14 May 2012

The award winning Compare Travel Insurance, ‘Save Yourself the Risk’ advertisement is back in action after being banned for discrimination against obesity in late 2011.

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