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Compare Travel Insurance Media Room Aussies swipe right for holiday romance

Aussies swipe right for holiday romance

08 April, 2019 By Natali Mansberg

Holiday romance

Aussie travellers: we’re a friendly, frisky bunch- particularly when we’re on holidays. New research reveals that nearly two in 10 of us (15%) would use a dating app or website to forge a fling or friendship while on vacation.

The trend was almost twice as common among men (19%) than with females (11%) and most likely for those aged 25-34 (30%).

A further survey specifically targeting online dating users revealed that as many as 53% of travellers would be open to having a one-night stand on holiday.  62% of the respondents who voted for a quick tryst were male compared to 40% of women. 

The survey, run by travel insurance site confirmed what most of us know; a holiday can drive the dating doldrums away.

Natalie Ball, Director of says:

“Holidays can be the perfect antidote for those seeking an escape from their regular routines. Generally, time away help us become less inhibited and more relaxed, an ideal combination for those looking to spark a new relationship or bond with a loved one.”

Whether it’s a much-needed couples retreat or a getaway for singles seeking romance, we could all benefit from some time away. And in an increasingly modern world, dating and travel apps are making it easier to hit the right holiday spots.

Ball adds:

“We use our smartphones to book accommodation, transport and tourist attractions when we go on holiday, and our love for convenience doesn’t stop there. Swiping your screen to access an instant trove of travel buddies is the perfect solution for travellers flying solo.”

High tech hook ups

Despite their sleazy stigma, dating apps like Tinder could well become the preferred networking app for holidaymakers looking to connect with fellow travellers.

As ‘hook-up’ app Tinder continues to dominate, its recently launched ‘Tinder Social’ encourages users to swipe through groups of potential new besties. And then there’s designated tourist meet-up app Tripr, which matches travellers with locals or fellow tourists with no strings attached.

25-year-old business analyst Daniel* says he would consider using both versions of the app to meet locals and get insider travel tips.

“I would definitely use it [Tinder]. Why not? It can be lonely travelling by yourself and sometimes you just want someone to share a meal or experience with. It doesn’t have to be a romantic thing either, just another way to connect with people. Everyone uses Tinder these days and I don’t worry about the stigma anymore.”

Word of warning

While apps can be a great way to network when you’re on the move, travellers are advised to use their common sense and avoid potentially dangerous scenarios.

Ball says, “It’s important to embrace new experiences while you’re travelling but always practice caution when meeting someone for the first time. Be on your guard whenever you’re in a potentially defenseless situation and always meet in a public place for the first time.”

Destination dating: flirting on the fly

Not sure how to mingle while you’re moving around? The following tips will have you ‘destination dating’ like a pro!

*Open your app on touchdown: Get to know your potential suitors as soon as you’ve landed. ‘Tindering’ on arrival can fast-track the process and lock-in some ‘tour-guide’ dates before you’ve even checked in.

*Be clear about your intention: Whether you want to discover your local destination or indulge in a little late-night romance, make your intentions clear from the get-go to avoid awkward encounters.

*Make sure your match is nearby: Check that you’ve logged on to the local data connection or make sure that GPS is enabled on your phone. This will ensure you’re connecting to locals and not a suitor in a different time zone. Just watch out for those roaming charges!

*Manage your expectations: Caught up in the whirlwind of a new destination, your expectations may well be heightened. However, just as you would back home, stay open-minded to new experiences and personalities.

*Safety first: Always meet in a public place (preferably during the day) and don’t stick around if you sense your safety may be at risk. Ditch the hang-up and don’t keep your activities a secret; let a friend or even the hotel concierge know where you’re heading.


Contributor Natali Mansberg

Natali Mansberg

Natali is a former kids magazine writer whose credits include working for the mouse (Mickey that is). An avid traveller, Natali spent part of her childhood in Israel and enjoyed several stints across the globe. Having worked in travel insurance for three years, Natali likes to simplify the fine-print and help Aussies make sense of their insurance policies. She currently lives in Sydney with her husband and one-year old son.

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