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Travel Insurance for SRI LANKA

22 April, 2019 By Natali Mansberg

The horrific terror attacks in Sri Lanka in April 2019 have triggered a change in travel advice for Australians headed to the popular tourist destination.

Eight bombs targeting luxury hotels and churches have so far killed 290 people, including two Australians, and injured a further 500. A local militant group has accepted responsibility for the blasts.

Advice for travellers to Sri Lanka

The recent attacks in Sri Lanka were utterly devastating and our deepest condolences go out to those affected including the families of the two Australian victims.

In light of this horrific event the Australian government has upgraded its travel warning to Sri Lanka and is recommending for travellers to avoid the region.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has upgraded it’s advice level to Sri Lanka from ‘Exercise normal safety precautions’ to ‘Reconsider your need to travel.’

We would advise those travelling to Sri Lanka to follow governmental advice and speak to their travel providers regarding travel plan disruptions. According to DFAT, travellers to Sri Lanka are advised to “avoid all affected areas and minimise movement until the situation stabilises.

Which insurers cover terrorism?

Most insurance policies exclude those wanting to alter their travel plans because of terrorist attacks. Despite it being a listed exclusion however, many insurers will review extreme cases of terrorism.

Several insurers on the market, including Insure4less, Travelinsuranz, and New Zealand provider TINZ, do give travellers provision to claim for cancellation in the event that a governmental ‘do not travel’ warning was issued after you had purchased your policy.

Generally speaking, despite the fact that many insurers will not cover cancellation due to acts of terrorism, the majority do have their customers best interests at heart and will judge each case on its own merit.

Additionally, many insurers will provide cover for medical expenses, including the cost to get you back home as a result of an injury from a terrorist attack. See a list of which insurers cover terrorism.

Should you cancel your plans to visit Sri Lanka?

As an exotic alternative to Bali, Aussie visitor numbers to Sri Lanka have grown by 10.7% since 2014. However, the recent bombings will no doubt rattle those bound for the region. 

Those with immediate travel plans should get in touch with their travel providers. Speak to your travel agent or airline. Following acts of terror, most service providers will be flexible and amenable to date changes. For instance, passengers with Emirates will be entitled to amend or cancel their flights to Sri Lanka without charge.
Those planning to travel to Sri Lanka in the future should take a ‘wait and see’ approach.  It’s yet to see whether this senseless act will have a long term impact on Sri Lanka’s tourism. While it may be some time before Sri Lanka recovers, it will most likely continue to be a peaceful and welcoming destination.


Contributor Natali Mansberg

Natali Mansberg

Natali is a former kids magazine writer whose credits include working for the mouse (Mickey that is). An avid traveller, Natali spent part of her childhood in Israel and enjoyed several stints across the globe. Having worked in travel insurance for three years, Natali likes to simplify the fine-print and help Aussies make sense of their insurance policies. She currently lives in Sydney with her husband and one-year old son.

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