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Mobile Phone Travel Insurance

13 February, 2020 By Crystal Moran

Own an iPhone, smartphone, or other mobile phone? These days, mobile phones aren't optional travel accessories - they're essential tools for getting around, discovering new attractions, and contacting family back home. Not sure about the mobile phone coverage with your travel insurance? We're here to help. 

Does travel insurance cover mobile phones?

Most comprehensive travel insurance policies include coverage for luggage and personal effects, including mobile phones, and the coverage tends to be capped to around $750-$1500 per item whether you have the latest iPhone, a trusty Android smartphone, or are still using your flip phone from 2006. These benefits cover theft, damage, and loss of mobile phones in a range of circumstances.

Given that they are both fragile and expensive gadgets, many insurers have exclusions for when they will cover mobile phones. Many don't cover for electronics failures (consider requesting a non-faulty replacement from your manufacturer), while others exclude cover for cracked screens or water damage. Generally speaking, there are no insurers who cover mobile phones if you check them into your luggage on an airline - so keeping it with on the plane can be a good idea.

Which travel insurers cover Mobile Phones? 


high-value mobile phones

Spent some significant money on your iPhone or other smartphone? It's important to be aware of how depreciation affects your claim. Unless your travel insurance policy says that it is an old-for-new or replacement value policy (these are very rare), your insurer will apply depreciation. This is a reduction in the value of the item of 2% or so per month you've owned the item. So if you're claiming for a two-year-old phone, you might only get back half what you paid for it, less any excess.

If you want to avoid depreciation, you may wish to consider looking for an insurer who offers high-value item coverage. For a small additional premium, you can list items on your certificate of insurance which insures them up to their value and means depreciation does not apply. The total value of listed items is capped per the policy terms.

high value mobile phone insurance

When are you not covered?

There are a number of common exclusions which travellers can run into when trying to claim for a mobile phone. 

No IMEI number

Some insurance companies will not cover a mobile phone, or device with phone capabilities like a tablet, if you are unable to supply the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). You can typically find this on your original box, or on your original receipt when you purchased your phone or put it on contract. Contact your telecom provider for assistance.

Cracked screens

It’s happened to all of us - an ill-fated fall has cracked our phone screen, or it’s been waterlogged in a bathtub or toilet. While the iPhone XS promises to be indestructible, very few phones can withstand a hard knock or splash. Many insurers restrict cover for phone screen cracks and damages - so make sure you do your research when shopping for insurance. 

Leaving phones behind

Failing to keep a close watch on your mobile phone may also invalidate your cover. Leaving your mobile behind in a taxi, hotel room, aeroplane or in an unlocked car, for instance, wouldn’t be covered by most insurance policies given the phone was left unattended in a public place.

Checked in items

Most insurers do not cover for damages or loss for items that were checked into the cargo hold of any transport carrier. So make sure you have your phone in your hand luggage.

Unreported items

Most policies will maintain that it is your responsibility to report theft or loss to the relevant authority (and your travel insurance provider) within 24 hours.

Items with no proof of purchase

Without a receipt to prove that you own your mobile phone and when you purchased it or signed it up to a handset contract, you're unlikely to have a successful claim.

When alcohol or drugs are a contributing factor

If you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when your smartphone went missing, your claim may not be paid out.

Claiming for mobile phones

Claiming on your travel insurance for a stolen, lost or damaged mobile phone doesn't have to be difficult. Check your insurer's general exclusions and luggage and personal effects benefit sections, and then get your documentation together. You'll generally need:

  • a police report if your phone was stolen (most insurers require you to get one within 24 hours of the theft)
  • a report of proof of loss from your airline, hotel, tour company, etc, if your phone was lost or stolen on their premises 
  • receipts/proof of purchase for each item you're claiming for
  • a repair quote from a reputable provider if an item is damaged
  • the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) of a lost or stolen phone, and evidence from your provider that the IMEI has been blocked  
  • a phone record statement
Then head to your insurer's claims page online and submit your claim. Visit our guide on travel insurance claims for more on what to expect.
claiming mobile phone insurance

Other ways to insure your mobile phone

Home and contents insurance

If you have home and contents insurance, it may automatically include cover for your mobile phone, or you may be able to add it onto the policy under the portable contents benefit. Check your policy though - some will only cover your contents if they are in your home, in your state or in the country. 

Phone plan insurance

You can purchase standalone phone insurance, either through your phone contract, or with third-party providers for around $10-$25 a month. They generally cover accidental damage, theft, loss, and electronic damage, but won't cover for things like scratches, wear and tear, data loss or fire.

Credit card purchase protection

Many credit card brands include purchase protection benefits, which protect your purchased items for anywhere from 30 days to a year after purchase, provided that you paid for them on your credit card.
insuring mobile phones travel

Mobile Phone Travel Insurance FAQs

Are mobile phones covered by travel insurance?

Yes, many travel insurance policies cover for stolen, lost, or damaged mobile phones. However, many exclude electronics failure, water damage, or cracked screens, while some policies don't cover them at all. See our mobile coverage table for more information, and your insurer's policy documents.

Can you claim a lost phone on travel insurance?

You may be able to claim a lost phone on travel insurance, depending on your policy and the circumstances through which it was lost. Check out our luggage and personal effects benefits page to understand some of the different situations it would and wouldn't be covered, or click to learn more about claiming on your travel insurance.

Does travel insurance cover if your phone gets wet?

Some policies do cover water damage to your phone, provided that you weren't being reckless with it, while other brands will specifically exclude any claims related to water damage of phones. Compare the prices of different travel insurance policies, and check the PDS before you buy if that's what you're looking for coverage for.

Does travel insurance cover cracked phone screens?

Yes, some brands cover cracked screens, while other travel cover brands specifically exclude it from their coverage. Check the policy exclusions on your insurance provider to be sure whether you can claim.

Does travel insurance cover stolen mobile phones?

Yes, travel insurance generally covers for stolen mobile phones. You will generally have to have a police report filed within 24 hours of the theft, and you can't have left it behind or unattended in a public place. Learn more about coverage for stolen luggage and personal effects.

Contributor Crystal Moran

Crystal Moran

With a research and journalism background, and certified in Tier 2 General Insurance General Advice, Crystal is passionate about investigating customers’ tricky travel questions and helping them find the answers they’re looking for. A writer and filmmaker whose favourite trips have been to film festivals in Cuba and South Korea, and campervanning around the USA, she loves getting to know new people and seeing a glimpse of the world through their eyes.

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