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Does travel insurance cover family emergencies?

Yes, but like all insurances there are restrictions and exclusions set within the policy that apply to not just the traveller, but to family members and travel companions also.

Most people don’t have the full details of another’s health history, but if a close relative or business associate’s state of health leads to a decision to cancel your travel plans, that cancellation may not be covered if the cancellation was due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Here’s a good example:

"We had to make a claim for a huge medical bill from when we were travelling in the US, but our claim was rejected because my husband had an operation 2 years earlier."

Here we clearly explain the exclusions with travel insurance and family emergencies:

What is classed as ‘Family’?

You, your spouse (or legally recognised defacto) and your dependants.

What is classed as a ‘Relative’?

  • You or your travelling companions spouse, defacto partner, parent, parent in law, daughter, son, daughter in law, son in law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandchild, grandparent, step-parent, step-son, step-daughter, fiancé, fiancée, guardian
  • They must reside in Australia or New Zealand
  • They must be under 85 years of age (age may change from insurer to insurer)

NOTE: Aunties, uncles, cousins, close friends are not included as a ‘relative’ in a standard policy and you will not be covered.

NOTE: Even though grandparents are covered. If your 86 year old grandmother suddenly dies and you need to get home, unfortunately you will not be covered as they are outside the age restrictions of the insurance policy.

Travel insurance covers you if your ‘travelling companion’ or a ‘relative’

  • Dies unexpectedly
  • Is disabled by an injury
  • Becomes seriously sick and requires hospitalisation
  • Is hospitalised in Australia or New Zealand after the policy was issued, but when you bought the policy you were unaware of the illness. In this case you will be paid up to a specified limit for any cancellations or lost deposits you have to make. E.g. if you were diagnosed with cancer and had to cancel your trip and you did not know before, you would be covered.

NOTE: You will NOT be covered if the above arise from a pre-existing medical condition.

NOTE: Travel insurance covers all unforeseen circumstances, so this benefit also includes all non-covered medical conditions that are listed in the PDS. As long as you did not know you/or your family member was sick as the time of buying the policy, you would be covered for any cancellation even for non-covered medical conditions (except suicide).

You are not covered:

  • If you were aware, before your journey commenced, that it might be cancelled, disrupted or delayed.
  • If the death, injury or illness was from a pre-existing medical condition.
  • If the death, injury or illness happens to a person over 85 years old. (Age may change from insurer to insurer)
  • If you claim travel expenses from your airline, travel insurance will not pay you as well for your loss.

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Family ties unravelled! Do you know when you are covered?
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