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89% of aussies prefer wanderlust to weddings

australians prefer wanderlust to weddings

As Valentine’s day approaches, it seems Aussies prefer their romance with a side of wanderlust. When it comes to matters of the heart, weddings no longer take the cake.

A survey run by leading comparison reveals that where big ticket expenses are concerned, nearly 9 in 10 Aussies would prefer to take a dream holiday rather than host a lavish wedding.

Interestingly, more than half of those who would opt to get hitched were men at 56% versus 44% of women.
Those between 18-24 also voted for a wedding over a getaway followed by respondents aged 25-34.

Natalie Ball, director of says,
“We’ve always known Australians to be an intrepid bunch but these insights were surprising! It’s eye-opening that so many people were more enthused about a holiday than their own wedding. Aussies are reassessing their goals and rejecting conventional milestones in favour of adventure and exploration."

journeying to happiness

Travel is now widely considered a smart choice for those seeking a boost in happiness. Recent studies have revealed that holidays, as opposed to material goods, are far more likely to measurably enhance one’s contentment.

Moreover, a recent study by found that a holiday can even trump the joy we experience from major events like job offers, engagements, weddings and even the birth of a child.

Taking a few weeks off may well be the ideal way to escape our daily routine and stressors. In a digital age, where the outdated notion of ‘clocking out’ keeps us perpetually switched on, holidays may be the only opportunity to completely disconnect.

Ball concludes:

“The experiences you gain from travel will stay with you forever and create lasting memories. Ultimately, holidays are all about enjoyment, relaxation and time with loved ones. It may not be the traditional choice, but a getaway may the perfect Valentines gift this year!”


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