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Already overseas travel insurance

Are you already overseas on holiday and forgot to buy travel insurance? Don’t worry there are still a few companies out there that are happy to offer you cover. Hurrah!

Of course you can’t get cover for mishaps or injuries that have already happened to you prior to purchasing your policy, but an already overseas travel insurance policy offers the same comprehensive cover as regular travel insurance. So what are you waiting for? Get protected!

Eligibility requirements and conditions for already overseas travel insurance varies from one insurer to the next. Depending on the insurer you choose, there may be a waiting period before your cover takes effect and like standard travel insurance, age limits may apply. It's also important to remember that you cannot purchase cover for a pre-existing medical condition. Keep reading for more details...

Where can I buy it?

Although there are many insurance companies who don’t offer this type of cover, there are several reputable travel insurers who do offer protection to Australians who are already abroad.


Age restrictions

Waiting Period


1Cover Standard policy 16 - 69
Seniors policy 70 - 74
72 hours BUY
Aussie Travel Cover No age restriction for residents of Australia if the cover is to retun home 48 hours on medical claims BUY 
Go Insurance Under 75 48 hours BUY 
DUInsure Under 60 96 hours BUY
Insure4Less Under 65 48 hours BUY 
North Travel Insurance No age limit 48 hours on medical claims BUY
TID Under 81 72 hours BUY 
Travel Insuranz Under 70 48 hours BUY 
Worldnomads Under 70 72 hours BUY

Remember that each insurer's policy varies, so always refer their PDS to understand your cover in full.

Conditions of an already overseas policy:

  • Who can buy? - You must be an Australian citizen or resident in order to buy a policy. You can also normally buy it if you are on a 457 working visa, a spousal visa or skilled working visa. However cover is not available to those in Australia on working holiday visas.
  • Homeward bound – You must have a booked return trip and be travelling back to Australia in order to buy this type of cover.
  • Waiting periods - You may not be able to claim for any medical incidents in the first few days of your cover - this is known as a waiting period.  A waiting period exists to protect insurers from those who've not bought insurance and then decide they need it later. Usually due to accident or illness and not wanting to pay the expensive overseas medical fees that they incur.
  • Age limits – Just like a standard policy, already overseas policies have age restrictions saying who can and cannot buy. Check out the age limits in the table below.
  • Pre-exiting medical conditions - Conditions that exist before you departed for your holiday are unlikely to be covered. Always read your insurer's policy documentation to see what conditions they cover for free. You should always tell your insurer of any pre-existing conditions when you first purchase your policy – however trivial they may seem.

Is the cover the same?

Lucky for you, already overseas policies provide the same great cover as policies that were purchased before you left for your trip. What cover can you expect?

Overseas medical cover
This is one of the most important features of cover. Overseas medical cover includes 24 hours a day emergency medical assistance and may cover the costs for: ambulance cover, medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, messages to family, medical and hospital bills, surgical, nursing and emergency dental treatment.

Cancellation fees and lost deposits
No matter how organised you are, when travelling overseas there are many events beyond your control. This covers you for costs if you suddenly find you can't go on your trip or need to cut short your trip short for some unforeseen circumstance such as illness, an accident or a death of a close relative. Cancellation cover will refund you for prepaid travel and accommodation and non-refundable expenses.

Luggage and personal effects cover
These days, most of us travel with suitcases jam packed with our belongings. Luggage and personal effects will cover you for reimbursement or replacement of your luggage and personal effects which are lost or stolen.

Personal liability cover
Accidents happen! If you're found responsible for another person's injury while travelling you will want to be protected, personal liability bills can run into the millions.

Rental vehicle excess
If you're planning on hiring a car during your trip, your travel insurance will usually cover any rental car excess. So DON'T take out that expensive excess reduction insurance with the rental car company!

Can I extend my policy?

If you’ve already bought a policy and then want to extend your trip - it’s much easier to extend your existing policy than it is to get new cover when you’re already abroad.

If you’re already overseas and you either forgot to take out cover, or your previous policy has expired, know that there are options out there for you. It's not too late to take out already overseas travel insurance cover!


Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky travel insurance questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!


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