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Business travel insurance

Are you covered by your company when you travel overseas? Perhaps you need to organise travel insurance for an employee going overseas, or you’ve got a company trip you need a group policy for?

Corporate travel insurance covers companies from financial losses occurred by employees during international and domestic business trips.

Cover includes overseas emergency medical care and expenses, delays and cancellations before and during the trip, lost luggage including laptops and mobile phones, personal liability and much more. In many cases your spouse and children are also covered for free, but you should always check the PDS to see if this is provided in your policy.

Why buy business travel insurance?


Just one form to cover up to 25 individuals (the number of individuals may vary from insurer to insurer).

Compare and save

The prices on our site are the same and buying direct. We compare insurer’s quotes to help you find a great deal on your travel insurance. Discounts may be applied to group policies.

Product choice

We compare a vast range of travel insurance quotes and levels of cover from Australia’s reputable travel insurance brands.

What policy should I buy for my business?

Individual business insurance

If you’ve just got one employee to arrange cover for, this is the policy you’ll need. You don't need to do anything different to select a business trip on our comparison. You can either chose to buy a single trip policy, or if you know the individual will be going overseas on a regular basis it’s best to buy an annual multi trip policy to cover for unlimited trips over the year. For business trips each journey throughout the year cannot exceed a maximum number of days - usually 90 days is the longest duration. These limits apply to both leisure and business travel. 

Group policy

If you’ve got a group of employees to cover, instead of each person buying individual cover, simply buy one policy to cover all travellers. It very important to make sure you know everyone’s medical history as the group organiser is responsible for answering all the questions on behalf of the whole group.

Before you buy, make sure you know everyone’s name, date of birth and all pre-existing medical conditions. If an employee does have a pre-existing medical condition they might be required to complete a medical questionnaire before the policy can be purchased, depending on what the condition is.

Domestic trips only

If business travel is just within Australia you might consider a basic policy or cancellation only policy to cover transport delays and cancellation.

Read the small print

It’s really important to read the insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement to understand what your business travel insurance policy includes and excludes.

For example if you’ve got a team bonding exercise organised such a rock climbing, you might not actually be covered by travel insurance. Certain adventure sports are excluded in some policies and you might need to pay extra to cover the group. Check what activities are planned for the trip before you book your insurance.

What's not included in business travel insurance?

Business travel insurance typically does not cover cancellation or shortened trips due to any work related issues, such as annual leave being cancelled. However, if you, or your travelling companion are made redundant and you were not aware before you purchased your policy you might be eligable for cancellation cover. Each policy varies so make sure you read your PDS in full before you leave for your trip.


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business travel insurance


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