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Backpacker Travel Insurance Guide

We make finding cheap travel insurance easy. Compare online, save time, worry and loads of money.

It's no secret that backpackers are usually travelling on a shoe string budget, and often for an extended period of time. They will scour the web for cheap flights, borrow backpacks from friends and look for the cheapest deal on anything required for their great adventure.

So it's no surprise that when it comes to travel insurance, some backpackers think that it is something they can do without. But when you're travelling off the beaten track, you are prone to some of the greatest travel risks.

If you can't afford travel insurance, you certainly can't afford a hefty medical bill for treatment or a hospital stay in the USA or Europe. Or to be transported back to Australia should the need arise.

Backpacker insurance policies are generally offered and underwritten by the same great reputable companies, only they're cheaper than a fully comprehensive single trip policy. They focus on cover for the essentials, without all the bells and whistles.

At a bare minimum, you should make sure that you have cover for emergency hospital and medical expenses. Depending upon what you're carrying in your backpack, you may also want to consider personal belongings. With changes in today's technology, many backpackers are now travelling with small, light, expensive electronic gear such as cameras, notebooks and the latest in mobile devices.

We make finding the best backpacker insurance easy by comparing insurance policies specifically designed for the budget conscious.

Bottom line - make sure you're fully covered for at least the essentials. Consider what else you would like to be covered for and whether you can afford the additional cost. It really is a small price to pay for security and peace of mind...It could happen!

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