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Group Travel Insurance

10 January, 2019 By Hayley Kennedy

Whether you’re headed on holiday with friends, company trip, business conference, school outing, hen do, gap year, sports tour or more; you can save a lot of hassle by buying group travel insurance. Instead of each person buying individual cover, you simply buy one travel insurance policy to cover all travellers.

Group travel insurance policies are not only convenient, but also offer discounts based on the number of travellers. Group policies offer peace of mind knowing that each traveller in the group is protected in the event that something doesn’t go to plan.

Compare group travel insurance quotes today and see how much you could save.

Buying Group Policies Online

You cannot always purchase large group policies online. Many insurers only allow quotes for 2 adults at a time. This information can be tricky to find without a lot and time of effort involved. Well arn't you the lucky ones, we've done the research for you. Our table below shows the maximum number of adults available to purchase online (unless specified otherwise).

If your group is larger than any of the below. You should call the insurer directly to see if additional people can be added to the policy.

Insurer Underwriter Max number of adults
8 (adults and children)

General Advice Warning: The contents of this article were accurate at the time of writing. Insurers change their policies from time to time, so some information may have changed. You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement of your chosen insurer to understand what is covered and what isn't. The information provided is of a general nature only and does not take into account any personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your personal circumstances.

Convenience - One Form To Fill In And One Policy To Cover Up To 25 Individuals

  • Savings - Varying discounts are applied to group policies depending upon the insurance company and size of the group. For example some insurers will offer 5% discount for over 5 travellers and 10% for more than 10 travellers.

  • Peace of Mind - With group travel insurance, you get the same great benefits as a standard plan. You can cover for the entire group against delayed flights, cancellations, lost luggage, medical treatment and more.

How To Compare Group Travel Insurance?

Comparing quotes for a group travel insurance policy is very similar to a single trip policy. Just fill in one simple form and select

-          the destination choice
-          dates of travel
-          enter the number of adults travelling
-          enter the number of children travelling
-          and ages of all travellers.

Are You The Group Organiser?

The process for buying group travel insurance is much the same as purchasing for an individual. Whether you are actually travelling as part of the group or not, you can purchase online or over the phone on behalf of the group.

It’s really important to read the insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement to understand what your group travel insurance policy includes and excludes. For example certain adventure sports might not be covered, so check what activities are planned for the trip before you book your insurance. You might need to get extra cover.

The group organiser is responsible for answering all the questions on behalf of everyone so be sure that you know everyone’s name, date of birth and all pre-existing medical conditions. In the event that a traveller has a pre-existing medical condition, they will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire before the policy can be purchased.

Going On A Family Holiday?

Then perhaps you should consider a family travel insurance policy. A family travel insurance policy will cover 2 adults and all your children. If you’re travelling with other children they will have to be insured as a separate adult. 

When it comes to group travel, don’t insure each person separately, take out a group insurance policy to save time, worry and loads of money.

Compare group cover today!

Contributor Hayley Kennedy

Hayley Kennedy

Originally from the UK, Hayley took a gap ‘year’ in 2011… and it’s still going! She’s travelled all over the world, volunteering in a Ugandan orphanage, skydiving in Australia, shark diving in South Africa, and skiing in the Alps (and snapping in a ligament in the process!). Certified in Tier 2 General Insurance General Advice and working in travel insurance for over two years, Hayley is a thrillseeker and a storyteller who loves hearing about customers’ holiday plans and sharing her own tips and must-see spots to help get them inspired.


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