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Sailing Travel Insurance Guide

Oh Buoy! It’s easy to sea why more and more Australians are choosing to sail on their holidays. Sailing or yachting can be a spectacular way to experience and explore the scenic waters of your surrounding area.

if you are planning on setting sail in open waters it's important to know that cover varies a lot between providers.

Most travel insurance policies in Australia exclude sailing unless it is within a short distance of the coastline. However, with a growing demand for policies to cover sailing in international waters and amateur competitive sailing a few insurers have updated their policies! (Aboat time too)!

Don't wreck your trip!

Make sure your chosen insurer covers your watery trip by comparing sailing travel insurance cover below:

Conditions apply. Check the PDS to confirm that the policy is right for you and your circumstances. 

Don't Rock The Boat Baby

Remember that what each policy does and does not cover varies hugely between insurers so it is important to read the policy document before purchasing if you’re unsure.  If you have a watery activity planned that didn’t get a mention, it may have slipped under their radar or it may not be covered.  Be sure to contact your insurer to check if all your planned activities are covered.

So Water You Waiting For?

Whether you’re a cadet eager to make your first serious trip into the big blue beyond or an experienced sailor venturing out of Australian waters on a regular basis, smart sailers will always spend time doing a travel insurance comparison. Our site compares a platoon of reputable insurers with policies that cover you whilst on a cruising the seas. Water you waiting for? Compare sailing travel insurance today!


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