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Does ski insurance cover off-piste?

Hey there adrenaline junkie - so even the black runs are too tame for you hey? If you're planning on getting gnarly on the slopes, check that your planned activities are covered before you go hitting that untouched powder!

Most insurers offer cover for recreational skiing and snowboarding when you’ve bought a ski insurance policy, but even for the most experienced riders this doesn’t always mean you are covered for skiing off-piste, cross country, or backcountry. This also includes higher risk winter sports activities like heli-skiing, cat-skiing, snowmobiling or lugeing.

It can be tricky to understand which travel insurers cover for off-piste skiing (or snowboarding) without a lot of time and effort involved. The good news is we’ve done the hard work for you. To make your travel insurance comparison easier, we investigated over 20 Aussie travel insurers. Check out the table below to see who covers skiing and snowboarding when you go off-piste. Yippee!

What is skiing off-piste in the world of travel insurance?

Skiing (or snowboardng) off-piste is when you are skiing in ungroomed and unmarked slopes or pistes, including skiing in unmarked or unpatrolled areas, either inside or outside of ski resorts boundaries.

Who covers off-piste skiing or snowboarding?

Lucky for you thrill seekers, there are a few companies that cover for off-piste activities, but you do have to be with a professional instructor.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean your best mate who has been working in a bar for the past five ski seasons and thinks he’s/she’s a pro. This means an instructor that has undergone training and is the holder of a backcountry security award and a holder of the backcountry and mountain safety qualification.

Who covers what? Hover over the ticks and crosses for more information...


Off-piste cover



Certain underwriters at LLoyd's

1300 Insurance

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

AAMI AAI Limited
AIG AIG Insurance Limited
Allianz Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
American Express Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
Australia Post Great Lakes
Australia Seniors Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
Boomers Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Budget Direct Auto and General
BUPA CGU Insurance Limited
Columbus Direct Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Comminsure Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Cover-more Zurich Australian Insurance Limited
Downunder Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Easy Travel Insurance QBE Insurance Limited
Fast Cover Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd
GO Insurance Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Insure4Less Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Insure and Go Mitsui Somotomo
itrek Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Jetstar AIG Insurance Limited
Kango Cover Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Medibank Great Lakes
Multi-Trip Mitsui Somotomo
NIB Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
NoWorries Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
NRMA Great Lakes
Online Travel Insurance Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
On-Tour AIG Insurance Limited
Priceline Protects Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
Qantas QBE Insurance Limited
QBE QBE Insurance Limited
Real Insurance Hollard Insurance
Simply Travel Insurance Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Ski Insurance Certain underwriters at LLoyd'
Southen Cross Travel Insurance Southern Cross Travel Insurance
STA Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
SureSave Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Tick Travel Mitsui Somotomo
TID Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Traveller Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
Travel Insuranz Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Travel Insurance Saver QBE Insurance Limited
Under 30  Certain underwriters at LLoyd's  
Virgin Australia Great Lakes
Virgin Money Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Westpac Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Woolworths Hollard Insurance
World Nomads Certain underwriters at LLoyd's
Worldcare Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
Webjet Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

Professional off piste

Are you entering a competition looking for professional ski insurance? Whizz over to our pro-ski guide for more information.

Off-piste exclusions to pay attention to:

Like all insurance policies there are terms and conditions you need to be aware of. So even with the appropriate ski cover, exclusions will still apply. For example you wouldn’t be covered for skiing/snowboarding off-piste if:

  • Your policy says you’re only covered off-piste when you’re with a professional instructor, and you go without one.
  • Your equipment is damaged during use. Not all ski insurance policies cover for damage to your own equipment while you are using it.
  • You take part in a competition or tournament, unless it specifically says otherwise.
  • Skiing and/or snowboarding is your profession (in most cases). We did however find one company who are the only company in Australia that cover for professional skiing. Woo hoo!
  • You were under the influence! Apres is all part of the fun on a ski holiday, but bear in mind that claims will not be paid if an accident is deemed to be the result of excessive alcohol or under the influence of drugs.
  • You intentionally expose yourself to a needless risk like doing cliff drops.
  • You do not report lost or stolen items to the police within 24 hours, with a written report.
  • You cannot provide proof of ownership with original receipts for any lost or stolen items.
  • Ski equipment is left unattended in a public place and is then lost or stolen as a result. This includes equipment that is misplaced or damaged by your transport carrier.

So powderhounds, regardless of whether you're going to Thredbo or Chamonix it's really important to read your insurers policy documentation (known as the Product Disclosure Statement) to make sure you understand when you're covered, and when you're not. A slip on the slopes can be VERY costly, so it pays to know your conditions of cover before you hit the slopes.

Compare off-piste skiing

You can use our site to compare ski insurance quickly and easily. We’ve got heaps of quotes so you can find the right policy for your needs and budget.

So what are you waiting for? Compare our ski quotes now and save yourself time, worry and loads of money!


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