29 February, 2024
- By Eugene

Are you heading on holiday to Singapore lah? With the world-famous Singapore sling at Raffles, mouth-watering chilli crab in the hawker markets and that pool at Marine Bay Sands, it’s no wonder more than 15% of all Australians are drawn there each year!

Now we don’t like to think of holidays as risk-taking ventures, but the truth is, new environments, unfamiliar territory, foreign languages and exotic foods can throw any traveller for a loop.

Despite its east meets west vibe, any new city can be tough to navigate when you’re in trouble. Singapore stomach, traffic accidents or muggings can turn a picture perfect holiday into a snapshot of pure chaos.

Don’t let your trip end in financial ruin - make sure you pack travel insurance along for the ride.

Compare travel insurance for Singapore

Now, no matter whether you're a budget conscious backpacker, on a business trip, or heading on a romantic city escape, it pays to compare Singapore travel insurance policies to find the right cover for your trip.

A policy will cover you for unexpected accident or illness, lost luggage or theft, unforeseen trip cancellation and much more.

When comparing Singapore policies, it's important to consider benefits, as well as costs…

How much does travel insurance for Singapore cost?

The cost of travel insurance can vary enormously! Say you’re 30 (ish) years old and you’re going to Singapore for a one-week holiday. Depending on your preferred level of cover, you can expect to pay anywhere from $22 to $290. To give you an idea, we’ve outlined the costs of several policies below;

Basic policies-$20 – $50. If you’re looking for real low cost cover Tick's basic policy ($32) is a good find with unlimited medical cover.

Mid-level policies- $30 – $50. Tick's policy offers decent cover at just $61. This includes unlimited medical, $5,000 cancellation and $4,000 luggage.

Comprehensive policies -$50 (ish) – $450. Zoom's comprehensive policy at $77 offers generous cover with a low excess of $200. Their policy includes unlimited medical, $25,000 cancellation and $7,500 luggage.

What will my policy cover?

singapore travel insurance cover

If your Singapore spree takes a downward turn for any of the following reasons, comprehensive cover will keep you in ship shape.

  • Medical: Overseas medical costs can be huge if you find yourself in need of medical attention abroad. Food poisoning, malaria, dengue fever and traffic accidents are all high on the risk scale in Singapore. Luckily, your policy will cover the exorbitant expense of overseas medical cover.
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits: Singapore is prone to tropical weather - if your pre-booked trips or tours are delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen weather, comprehensive cover would cover any unexpected travel arrangements you occur.
  • Luggage and personal effects: Petty crime can be common in Asia, however Singapore is pretty safe on the crime-scale. If you did find yourself in strife, your policy will reimburse you for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Comprehensive cover also includes cover for theft of cash and travel documents too.
  • Personal liability: Singapore rules and regulations are pretty strict. If you injure someone or are held accountable for damaged property in Singapore the consequences could be disastrous, particularly when you are unfamiliar with local laws and regulations. In such an event, your policy will cover your liability costs to a degree.
  • Additional extras: Each policy varies but look out for top notch extras such as cover for rental vehicle excess, permanent disability, loss of income, cover for kennels and catteries (if you’re delayed home to your fluffy friends) and more.

What will my policy not cover?

  • Unattended items: Keep a strong hold over all your belongings as leaving your stuff unsupervised will not be covered for.
  • Being intoxicated: Whether your drink of choice is a Singapore Sling or a fan of Tiger beer all claims related directly to alcohol and drugs will not be paid. Have fun in moderation.
  • Terrorism and travel warnings: While the chances of getting caught up in an act of terrorism are small, it’s still a good idea to keep up to date with travel advisories on sites like smartraveller.gov.au. Generally travelling against DO NOT TRAVEL warnings from the Australian Government will jeopardize your cover.
  • High risk activities: Adventure activities are plentiful in Asia. From rock climbing to scuba diving, adrenaline junkies are spoilt for choice. But watch out, as participating in particularly risky activities such as climbing (where ropes are needed), cliff jumping or sky diving may not be covered by your policy. Be sure to scan your policy’s small print to check out which of your preferred heart pounding activities are covered.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Medical conditions that exist before you travel are generally not covered, but it pays to check. You can sometimes pay a bit extra to get some conditions covered. Check your policy wording to see what conditions are covered automatically, and which ones require a medical assessment first.
  • Unreported items: You need to report theft or loss to the relevant authority ASAP (and your travel insurance provider) within 24 hours.

How to save on travel insurance in Singapore

save singapore cover

  • Consider how often you travel - If you travel a few times per year, you could save by purchasing an annual multi-trip policy rather than purchasing a policy each time you take off.
  • Combine policies - If travelling with your family or a companion, a joint policy is often cheaper than purchasing separately.
  • Increase your excess - Most insurers allow you to lower your premium by opting to pay higher excess in the instance that you need to make a claim.
  • Shop around - You'll be amazed at how much travel insurance quotes can vary. Offers by travel agents or airlines usually have commissions added on. In fact, you can save up to 50% by shopping around, so it pays to buy your travel insurance direct. Doing your comparison online will allow you to compare loads of quotes in seconds. Yippee

Safety speed dial

Found yourself in a pickle? Should you encounter a Singapore slip-up a few emergency contacts are good to have on hand.

Australian High Commission (Embassy)

25 Napier Road

Singapore 258507

Telephone: +65 6836 4100 singapore.embassy.gov.au

  • Singapore Police Headquarters New Phoenix Park 28 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329560 Telephone: +65 6353 0000
  • Singapore Tourism Board Tourism Court 1 Orchard Spring Lane Singapore 247729 Telephone: +65 6736 6622 stb.gov.sg

Singapore facts

  • Capital: Singapore Currency: Singapore Dollar
  • Language: Mandarin, Malay, English
  • Laws: You can be fined up to $1000 USD for spitting in any public space. And it is illegal to sell chewing gum in Singapore
  • Sites: The city of Singapore has it all; from the wonders of Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island theme park, Orchard Road for shopping until you're dropping, the 156 year old Singapore Botanic Gardens that has UNESCO World Heritage Status - you'll never want to leave.
  • Food & drink: No trip to Singapore would be complete without the classic chilli crab or hot broth of laksa

Ready to find your perfect Singapore travel insurance policy?

Stuff going wrong on holiday shouldn’t be your foremost concern when planning your trip. After all you’ve got an exciting itinerary to navigate! But like it or lump it, without safeguarding your travels, all the fun stuff could be nullified in the flash of an eye.

Compare Singapore travel policies to save time, worry and loads of money. You’ll be on your way to a relaxed, worry-free holiday.

Eugene Wylde

Eugene Wylde

Eugene is the king of insurance! Having spent more than ten years raising awareness on the importance of holiday protection, he is a self-confessed insurance geek extraordinaire when it comes to the world of travel cover. Eugene loves helping people save time, worry and loads of money with the right policy at the right price. His ideal holiday is any one where he has a pina colada in his hand. Salut!