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Duo travel insurance doubles your perks

Sharing stuff is just one of the perks of being in a relationship. Shared meals, shared experiences, shared expenses…coupledom can often widen your options and benefits. And when it comes to travel insurance being a pair can offer up more travel advantages than perhaps you may realise!  

Quite often, a couple’s travel insurance policy is cheaper than buying two separate policies. A joint policy doesn’t mean scrimping on cover either. You will each receive exactly the same benefits and levels of cover as you would by purchasing two separate policies. When it comes to ‘two for one’ value you can’t beat a joint policy!

Share the love with a duo policy

Whether you’re a married couple, travel buddies, siblings or long lost acquaintances, travel insurance doesn’t discriminate. So long as you’re travelling together most insurance companies will allow you to purchase joint cover. Some insurers, such as World Nomads, only require you to travel together 50% of the time (which could spell success for couples longing for a little ‘me time’). A joint policy also means that if one person falls ill or has to cancel the trip for unforeseen reasons, you’ll both be covered.

Frequent fliers save with annual cover

Should you travel a few times a year as a pair it could benefit you to take out an annual multi-trip policy. However, not all multi-trip policies have specified cover for duos. For instance, 1Cover’s multi-trip policy only applies to singles and families, meaning cover would only apply to you, your spouse, partner and your dependants. If you’re planning to travel with a sibling or friend a few times a year insurers like Worldcare have got you covered.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions could pose a potential stumbling block for couples looking to purchase joint insurance. Failure to declare these when buying cover could invalidate any claim you make leaving you and your partner staring down huge medical costs. To avoid any financial pitfalls, be sure to notify your insurer of any illnesses or conditions that could potentially jeopardize your cover. 

The truth about luggage limits

Be warned, what may look like a nice fat luggage limit sum on your insurance policy may not be what it seems! A single item limit will often apply to any claims made for loss, theft or damage to your possessions while you’re travelling. For instance, a maximum claim limit of $750 may apply to your brand new laptop, or wedding ring, despite its value being far higher. To ensure you’re not left out of pocket should your valuables go missing be sure to check that the single item limits on your policy satisfy your needs

Super saver

Want to bulk up your holiday spend? A duo couple’s policy can be a great way to save your pennies. Additionally, if you’ll be spending much of the year globetrotting, buying a frequent traveller policy makes far more financial sense than buying multiple policies a year. A good degree of savvy, and the use of a travel insurance comparison can help you make big savings, quick smart. 


Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky travel insurance questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!


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