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What is the best ski insurance policy?

How do you know which ski insurance policy is best for you with a market flooded with options?

To find the best you’re going to need to compare ski insurance policies to find one that’s right for your needs and budget.

So what should you consider when comparing snow insurance policies? Here are 6 tips from us to help you pick the best policy:

  1. Check the inclusions and exclusions

Not all winter sports will be included in your policy. So it’s important to understand which adventure sports each insurer covers so you can make a fair comparison. If you’re planning on taking part in any particularly risky activities for example bobsleighing or ski acrobatics you should check with the insurer if it’s a covered event– chances are it might not be!

  1. Don’t buy on price alone

Don’t just buy the first and cheapest ski insurance policy that you come across. Each insurer’s price and policy features will vary dramatically, so it pays to compare and see if you can get more cover at a better price. You should compare the different insurer’s prices with the level of cover you want, your destination (some insurers destinations are more expensive than others), your length of trip and the types of activities they cover.

  1. Get the right cover

If you’re going on a holiday with your mates or family make sure you see if you can get a discount for a group.

  1. Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes? Then see if you can get cover for it. Travel insurers will have a list of medical conditions they will and will not cover. Read the insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement to find the full list. If you don’t tell the insurer of your pre-existing medical condition when you buy the policy and then become ill, your claim may be refused. Find out more about pre-existing medical conditions here.

  1. Make sure the policy has these features

A good ski insurance policy will cover you for ski equipment hire, extreme weather conditions, piste closure, emergency helicopter rescue and more. As well as all the typical features that are included in a comprehensive travel insurance policy such as baggage and personal effects, personal liability and cancellation cover.

24 hour emergency assistance is an important benefit to consider with winter activity holidays so make sure your policy has this. See our ski insurance guide for a list of what should be included in a good ski insurance policy.

  1. Check your destination is covered

Make sure that your destination of choice in covered under your policy – some policies will only cover you at peak ski times throughout the year.

So now that you know what you’re looking for you can start to compare ski insurance quotes and get the best ski insurance policy for you.

Remember when it comes to your cover, finding the best travel insurance for your trip requires you to think about the type of holiday you are going on and the level of cover you will need.

Save time, worry and loads of money and start comparing ski insurance policies now.


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