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Senior travel insurance FAQs

What age does travel insurance provide cover until?

Each insurer is different, but you can find seniors travel insurance that covers up until the age of 110! Learn more about seniors age limits here.

Can I get comprehensive travel insurance if I’m a senior traveller?

Yes, but the older you get, you might find more exclusions and less cover is available to you. You might need to prove your health status with a medical assessment if you are over a certain age.

Are my grandchildren covered under my policy?

Yes, you can travel with numerous dependents under your seniors travel insurance policy as long as they are under 21 and not in full-time employment.

What’s included in a typical seniors travel insurance policy?

  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Loss of luggage
  • Cancellation
  • Replacement of money
  • Personal liability
  • And more...

What is considered a pre-existing medical condition?

An ongoing medical or dental condition which you are aware of, or have symptoms of. A condition you are currently seeking medical treatment for, or have previously been treated for, by a medical professional. A condition you are taking medicine for currently or you’ve had surgery for, in the past 12 months. Note: pre-existing medical conditions apply not only to the person who buys the travel insurance policy, but also your travelling companion or close relative.

Am I covered for my medical conditions?   

All insurers have a list of medical conditions which they include and exclude cover for. You should check your insurers PDS to see whether your condition is covered.

What medical conditions are covered?

High blood pressure, osteoporosis, incontinence, diabetes (with restrictions) and hernia are typically covered conditions. You should always check your insurers PDS to see a comprehensive list of what they do, and do not cover.

Is travel insurance more expensive for senior travellers?

All insurance premiums are calculated based on your risk, so your age compared to the past claims history of your age group will determine how much your travel insurance will cost. As there does tend to be more claims for senior travellers, premiums do tend to be a little higher.

Do I need a medical certificate to buy seniors travel insurance?

No, you don’t have to get a medical assessment to buy a policy, but without it you will not have cover for any of your pre-existing conditions that have not been assessed.

My 86 year old mother has become suddenly ill whilst I'm
on holiday, can I claim for holiday cancellation?

Maybe not, many travel insurance companies will not cover cancellation of trips for relatives over the age of 85, especially if the illness was from a pre-existing medical condition.

My 75 year old mother’s illness has got worse since I’ve been away on holiday. I want to cancel the rest of my trip.
Can I claim for holiday cancellation?

Maybe not, travel insurance will not cover you if illness was from a pre-existing medical condition. Travel insurance is there to cover unforeseeable events.

Are wheelchairs covered?

Yes, subject to typical exclusions. Remember that each insurer has limits on how much they cover for, so you should consider if you need to increase your cover for your expensive wheelchair. If you're due compensation from an airline for damage to your wheelchair, travel insurance will not reimburse you also.  

Need some more advice?

Our guide to seniors travel insurance has heaps more handy information to help you find the best cover for your upcoming holiday!

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