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Compare Travel Insurance Cruise Insurance Why Compare Cruise Insurance?

why Compare cruise insurance? is a comparison website that allows you to compare dozens of cruise insurance policies from Australia’s top insurers.

We compare travel insurance policies to help you find the best policy for your holiday needs, and cruises are no exception.


Everyone needs to do a bit of research before they decide what to buy, and using a comparison website is a great way to decide which is the best policy for you and your trip.

Free, Did You Say Free?

Our service is free to use and the prices you see are exactly the same as going direct. Once you’ve decided which policy you’d like to buy you’ll be directed to the insurer's website to buy without any additional cost.

Save Time & Money

Another great benefit of our site is that all the information you need is right here in one place. You can compare a range of cruise insurance quotes in 1 table, rather than spending time visiting 10 different websites you find all the information you need right here.

What’s Important To You?

You can easily sort all of our policies to view the most important features to you – whether it be price, how much excess you would pay if you needed to claim, medical expenses cover, luggage cover and heaps more!

Product Choice

Whether you’re looking for a cheap cruise insurance policy, or a more comprehensive one, we’ve got products to suit all needs and budgets.

If you’re still unsure which policy you should pick. Please contact us and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to start comparing? Compare cruise insurance quotes now, to see if you find the perfect policy for your trip.

Travel Insurance Extraordinaire At Your Service

Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!

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