21 February, 2024
- By Natalie

What Does Cruise Insurance Cover?

It’s important to get travel insurance to cover you out at sea. You might have seen articles in the press where cruise ships have lost power kilometres from land, or when outbreaks of food poisoning happen on board. It just goes to show that unforeseen situations like these do happen and without travel insurance you’re not properly protected.

Did you know if you go on a cruise in Australian waters you are no longer covered by Medicare or private health care?

Compare cruise travel insurance policies today protect yourself out at sea.

What does cruise insurance cover?

  • Medical emergencies Cruise liners do have doctors on board but these are private so expect to get a very expensive bill afterwards for any treatment you might need.
  • Medical evacuation If your condition is too serious to be treated on board, would you be able to afford emergency evacuation which could cost thousands of dollars? If you suffer from a heart attack for example, your cruise insurance would cover your evacuation to the nearest hospital.
  • Delays If your cruise is delayed because of bad weather, or strikes, or civil unrest. Your cruise insurance will cover any expenses you incur because of the delay.
  • Cancellations Perhaps your flight is cancelled due to bad weather and you miss your cruise, or you have a close family emergency and can no longer go on your cruise – cruise travel insurance will also cover these situations.
  • Luggage and personal items If your luggage is lost on the way to your cruise, travel insurance will cover the cost to replace your items.

What does cruise insurance not cover?

  • Being drunk Travel insurance does not cover you for irresponsible behaviour. So if you lose a bag while drunk, or under the influence of drugs you will not be covered.
  • A little rain If your trip wasn’t as sunny as you’d hoped, travel insurance will not cover you just because you didn’t have a good time.
  • Dangerous activities Perhaps your cruise liner has a zip line going across the desk, or a surf machine? Make sure you check with your insurer before you leave home than all your planned adventurous activities are covered – because things like motorsports and skydiving are not!
  • Pre-existing medical conditions Depending on your illness, you may or not be covered by your travel insurance. Check your insurers Product Disclosure Statement to see a full list of medical conditions they cover.
  • Civil unrest Acts of war or terrorism are usually not covered by travel insurance.

Hopefully you now understand exactly when you are, and are not covered by cruise insurance.

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Having travelled to over 40 countries, studied tourism management and worked as a flight attendant for over three years, Natalie knows more than a thing or two about travel! She’s an adventure-lover, whose favourite trips have been trekking Machu Picchu and volunteering in an animal shelter in the Amazon. Qualified in Tier 2 General Insurance General Advice and specialising in travel insurance for the last five years, she in passionate about helping travellers get the most out of their holiday.

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