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Cruising by the numbers infographic

Ahoy fellow sailors! Cruise travel is continuing to swell in popularity with no sign of slowing down! From luxury liners to cost-friendly cruisers there’s a style for every seafarer. If you’re planning a voyage on your next vacation hop on board for some high-seas fun facts…

cruise statistics

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Nautical numbers: stats from life at sea

How many passengers cruised in 2016?
A whopping 24 million passengers sailed the seas last year. 

Where do Aussies cruise?
70% Pacific Islands
10% South East Asia
7% New Zealand
4% USA
4% Europe
3% Asia
2% Other

How long do Aussies cruise for?
Most common trip durations for cruising holidays tend to be either 4 days, 1 week or 10 day trips.

What is the typical age of an Aussie cruise passenger?
These days cruises are more popular to a wider range of people. 40-70 years is the most popular age range.

How much do people spend on the average cruise?
A 112 day round the world cruise on the QE2 from New York to Southampton will set you back a whopping $18,300 per person, and if you’re in the Queen Grill Suites $76,000pp. $134.72 is the average daily passenger spend on a cruise!

How large are cruise ships?
The Harmony of the seas, the worlds largest cruise ship is 1,188ft in length, longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower and has 16 decks!

How many supplies does it take to stock a ship?
To stock a cruise ship for the week requires 46,800 Eggs, 1,899 pounds of coffee, 820 bottles of Vodka, 10,680 hot dogs, 19,723 pounds of chicken, 16,900 cans of soda, 1000 lightbulbs and 1,237 bottles of Whisky, Scotch and Rum. Oh buoy!

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