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Compare snowboard insurance

If you’re thinking of hitting the slopes, don’t forget to pack your snowboard insurance which covers you for your snowboard hire, ski pack, your lift pass and even bad weather.

Snowboarding doesn’t come without its fair share of risks, and injures tend to be quite common. Did you know if you needed helicopter rescue in Australia it could cost as much as $15,000? And in Canada you’re looking at a whopping bill of $40,000!

Is snowboard insurance something to consider travelling without?

You can use our site to compare snowboard insurance quickly and easily. We’ve got heaps of quotes to help you pick the right policy for your needs and budget.

Snowboarding travel insurance policies are specifically designed for boarders and skiers, however if you’re planning on doing any particularly dangerous stunts or tricks beware that these may not be covered. You can check your insurers list of covered activities to make sure.

Snowboarding insurance typically covers:

-          Medical emergencies and evacuation
-          Equipment hire
-          Ski pass
-          Bad weather
-          Resort closure

And of course all the regular benefits 

-          Travel delay
-          Cancellation
-          Luggage and personal effects and more.

Want some more help? Read our tips on how to find the best ski insurance policy.

Compare snowboard quotes today to save yourself time, worry and loads of money.

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