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9 Things that'll get you arrested on a plane! 

From boozy brawlers, sneaky smokers to frisky fliers, passengers can problematic for cabin crew. Mid-flight misdemeanors can get you fined, restrained  or even thrown into prison! 

The team at know that a lot going into a smooth travel experience, particularly, at high-altitudes. This fun yet  informative infographic illustrates a few of the flight risks. Because there’s no place for trouble at 20,000 feet. 




Aussies get Aggro AT aLTITUDE

 High altitude hijinks
Fooling around while flying can seen enticing but not so for the poor flight attendants who have to monitor your mid-air antics. If you’re inclined to join the mile high club, take caution as flight crew won’t hesitate to break up your lavatory tryst.

Too many tipples
A G and T might be just the ticket to soothe your jangled nerves but a few too many could cost you a pretty penny.  Becoming inebriated, causing a commotion, or partaking in your own duty free liquor is strictly prohibited in the skies.

Bust-ups and brawls
Whether it’s an alcohol-fueled argument or a case of reclining chair rage, in-air altercations will not be not tolerated by any means. In extreme cases, unruly passengers can face jail time and a fortune in flight disruption fees.

Sneaky smoke break 
Light-up on-board and risk being liable for tens of thousands. The use of e-cigarettes on flights is also forbidden due to their highly flammable batteries. Plane toilets are fitted with state-of-the-art smoke detectors so you’re unlikely to get away with a private puff or two.

Jokes that bomb
Dark humour has its place and it certainly isn’t on board a crammed 747. Make a violent joke or bomb reference and staff can have you evicted and even banned from flying with the airline. 

Knives on a plane 
Knives, scissors and foldable blades  are all strictly prohibited on-board. While pocket knives were briefly permissible on certain airlines in 2013 , policy-makers took a sharp turn and banned them from cabins indefinitely. 

Failure to comply
Behind every flight attendant’s friendly smile is a formidable force. Refusing a polite request to remain seated or ‘buckle-up’ can land you in serious trouble and even get you thrown off your flight.

H20 no-go
By now, most frequent travellers will know about the 100ml liquid rule. While restrictions may vary, you are required to discard containers over this size. If you knowingly bypass security with a restricted liquid you could find yourself in deep water, so to speak.

Hasty escapes
Batty passengers attempting to open the plane’s exit door have hit the headlines in recent years, horrifying nervous flyers. While impossible in-flight, opening a plane door is a criminal offence.

Remember, crimes on an aircraft are considered incredibly serious whether you’re waiting to board or cruising at altitude, an airplane is no place for rude, violent and offensive behaviour.

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