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Travel insurance for your pet – are you fureal?

Did you know that travel insurance can cover your pooch or kitty while you’re away? Yabba dabba doo!

As any devoted pet owner knows, making sure your four-legged friend is well cared for while you’re on holidays is top priority.

However, even the most dedicated pet owner can be affected by travel maladies such as flight delays, cancellations, medical emergencies and more.

Travel insurance can help to bail you out from any of the above predicaments, but did you know that it can also pay your pet-minding fees if you are delayed home?

Say your beloved Maltese terrier Chewy is stuck in a Sydney kennel whilst you are laid up in an overseas hospital. Without travel insurance the cost of Chewy’s extended stay at the kennel could cost a small fortune, depending on the length of your delay. Travel insurance won’t just cover the costs of your medical bills while you recuperate- it will cover any additional kennel or cattery fees. That means less time spent worrying about Chewy so you can concentrate on getting better!

As well, if your fur-baby requires veterinary care while you’re away the cost will be covered by travel insurance. Another thing less to worry about when you’re feeling ruff!

Travel insurance cover for domestic pets includes:

  • A set amount for each day (i.e. $20-$30) for additional kennel or cattery fees.
  • A set amount (i.e. $200-$500) for veterinary treatment if your pet is injured or gets sick during your trip. Your pet must be in proper care (either with a friend, close relative, or already placed within a kennel or cattery) when the injury occurred.

There’s more!

The benefits don’t stop there. If you’re still feeling poorly after returning home, some policies will even offer housekeeping services if you’re injured or incapacitated when you return home. So all you have to do is curl up with your fluffy friend and focus on feeling better!

Apart from medical expenses, any extra costs you incur whilst you are delayed would be covered. That includes meals, accommodation and even clothes. Travel insurance will have you covered- literally!

What’s the cats?

  • Aussie only: These benefits are only valid for Australian policies and for kennels and catteries within Australia.
  • Go comprehensive: Pet-minding cover and housekeeping services are usually included within comprehensive policies as opposed to cheaper, more basic policies.
  • Strictly cats and dogs: Felines and Fido’s need only apply. Domestic pet travel insurance only applies to cats and dogs.
  • Cover restrictions: Your policy will have limits on the amount that the insurer will pay for. For example if your cat or dog needs major surgery while you’re away, this kind of expensive medical treatment probably won’t be covered.

The small print freaks meowt!

We know! There‘s a lot of it to get your head around. But you should always read your policy's Product Disclosure Statement to understand when you’re covered,

Just like cats and dogs, each policy will differ greatly so don’t assume that this is a benefit offered within all travel insurance policies. Insurers will also vary when it comes to pet minding cover levels so make sure you compare policies before you buy.

Travel insurance that covers your pets….another handy benefit offering peace of mind when you’re away relaxing on holiday. Pawsome!

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