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Infographic - how to beat the post holiday blues

Post-holiday blues can quickly sap your vacation vibes, leaving your feeling flat and fatigued. We show you how to get back to the grind, gloom-free.beat the post holiday blues

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Beat the post holiday blues

Post holiday blues can quickly sap your vacation vibes, leaving you feeling flat and fatigued. We show you how to get back to the grind, gloom free.

1. Ease your way back in
Don’t go back to work straight away- have a few days in between arriving home and returning to work to ease the transition.

2. Start planning
Start looking forward to your next holiday! Put your daydreams into action, begin saving and map out your destination plans. 

3. Get social
Yes you will be that annoying serial poster, but sharing travel pics and stories can prolong the vacay vibes. You can even create a specific #holidayhashtag to celebrate your unique experiences.

4. Take a tangible memory home
A token reminder of your travels can bring back those cherished memories. Scent can be a powerful way to trigger the senses while practical knickknacks will keep your holiday front of mind. 

5. Stay active
It may be tempting to curl up on the couch but doing so will only worsen your post-holiday blues. Exercise induced endorphins can regulate your moods and take the edge off. 

6. Redecorate
Loved the seaside-inspired bungalow you just visited? Lavish your home with furnishings inspired by your favourite getaways so you can relive them everyday.

7. Be a tourist at home
Escape the rut by putting on your tourist hat in your hometown. Take the open-minded approach you would on holidays and trial new activities and adventures.  

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