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As you’ve probably guessed, Under 30 Travel Insurances specialises in cover for travellers less than 30 years of age. They’re all about providing low cost cover for a demographic less likely to claim for illness and accidents. They offer 24/7 emergency assistance no matter where you are in the world. Underwritten by Certain Underwriters of LLoyds.

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Great prices for backpackers on a budget!

Review by ron123 | 16 July 2013, 11:29 AM | 0 comment

They have great prices especially for backpackers on a budget. The only catch, you have to be under 3... Read more

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Under30 FAQ's

How many people can I include in my policy?

Under 30 covers up to 25 people on a group policy.

Am I covered if I go on a cruise?

Yes, you are covered for cruises. As always be sure to select ‘Pacific’ when choosing your destination as you won’t be considered to be in Australian waters once your ship has left port.

Am I covered for skiing and my equipment?

You will be covered for any medical expenses you incur whilst skiing but not for skiing equipment. Additionally you will not be covered for skiing off piste.

Are kids covered for free?

Unfortunately children are not covered under this policy. 

Can I pay to reduce or cancel my excess?

You can remove the standard excess of $100 by paying an additional premium.

What additional extras are there?

Optional cover for electronic items can be purchased - up to $2,500 for personal computers and their accessories

Am I covered if my tour company collapses?

Under 30 doesn’t provide protection from insolvency.

I’m not an Australian resident- can I buy cover?

Yes, so long as you’re only planning to travel within Australia

What size moped or motorbike am I covered to ride overseas?

Under 30 will cover you for any engine size you ride as long as you’re insured to do so in Australia. Just make sure you get your International Drivers Permit (IDP) before you leave!

How long is their single trip cover for?

12 months.

Can I extend my policy from overseas?

You can extend your policy with Under 30 for up to a year. Just give them a call on 1300 882 113.

Do they cover for my rental vehicle excess?

Yes. You will be covered for up to $5000 for rental vehicle excess.

Who underwrites them?

This travel insurance is insured by certain underwriters at Lloyd's (the insurer). 1Cover issues the policy and handles claims as an agent of the insurer.

What is their cooling off period?

14 days

Where are they based?



Under 29
$750 per item limit
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