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Where to purchase travel insurance

Travel agent or tour operator

Arranged through an agent when purchasing travel
Travel Insurance purchased from your Travel Agent is often more expensive than online providers due to sales commissions. Travel agents may insist travel insurance be a requirement of your travel deal. You have the freedom not to make the deal conditional upon the purchase of travel insurance and not to be charged extra to source travel insurance elsewhere.


Purchasing online offers great savings and quick cover
Excellent savings can be made for the savvy traveller who buys their insurance online. It might require a little more shopping around but is worthwhile for the savings. For those travelling spontaneously, online travel insurance provides a hassle free way to get quick cover. Check the fine print in the product disclosure statement, that the site is secure and the company backed by stable and established underwriter and assistance groups. If in doubt, phone the company direct to discuss details of the cover.

Credit card cover

Activated for free when you purchase travel with your credit card
This type of policy applies to top-end credit cards and tends to have a general application intended for the mass market. It may not cover your planned activities. It's applied as an incentive for travellers to purchase a travel ticket using a credit card.

Check the fine print of the credit card policy to ensure that you are covered for the travel you intend on taking. Don't take it for granted that you are covered for your specific trip.

This is not a full-blown protection policy - to do so would make it more expensive. You get what you pay for.


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