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Compare Travel Insurance Media Room Tigerair Action Strikes A-League Fans

Tigerair Action strikes A-League Fans

tiger strike industrial action a-league

Proposed industrial action by Tigerair pilots might leave tens of thousands of travellers on the bench as they try to make it to the A-League Grand Finals this weekend. Will your travel insurance get you to the game on time?

Good news, says Natalie Ball, director

“This is exactly the type of thing travel insurance covers. While travel insurers won’t cover things that are within the airlines’ control, they will cover delays and cancellations where the airline is not at fault – like industrial action or poor weather." 

"In these cases, a comprehensive policy is likely to cover you for expenses such as meals and accommodation if you’re delayed for a significant period."

What happens if i'm trying to make it to the A-lEAgue grand final, or other scheduled event?

“Many travellers be trying to get to the A-League this weekend, or other events that can’t be missed or rescheduled, like a wedding or a departing tour or cruise.”

“While Tigerair are developing contingency plans should industrial action happen, if you do find your flight is delayed, a comprehensive travel insurance policy may cover you for alternative travel expenses – like a last-minute flight with another airline. They’ll also reimburse you for lost pre-paid activities like match tickets if you unfortunately don’t make it on time.”

“Such claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis, so contact the claims department of your insurer to know exactly how much you’ll be reimbursed for before you start incurring expenses.”

What if i don't already have travel insurance?

“Travel insurers won’t cover you for what are called ‘known events’ – events that are happening or have already happened – if you don’t already have a policy. A good rule of thumb is that if an event is in the media, you will struggle to find an insurer who will cover you for it.”
“As the proposed Tigerair industrial action is now known in the media, it is unlikely you’ll find coverage if it does go ahead.”

should I get travel insurance when travelling domestically?

“While many Australians only consider travel insurance for their international holidays, delays can be expensive and stressful no matter where you are. As domestic policies don’t have to cover medical expenses thanks to Australia’s public health system, you can find domestic travel insurance from as little as $2-3 per day.”

how can I stay up-to-date with flight rescheduling?

“Make calling the airport or Tigerair a last resort, as call centres tend to be at maximum capacity at times like this. Instead, make sure that your email and mobile contact information on your booking is up-to-date, and stay tuned to Tigerair’s website and socials. When you arrive at the airport, pay close attention to announcements and flight boarding screens, as circumstances may change quickly.”

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