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Does travel insurance cover you while pregnant?

Are you pregnant and looking to go on that last babymoon? If you are thinking of going on holiday while pregnant, make sure you understand your travel insurance cover before you leave home.

Like all insurances, there are some restrictions and cover exclusions that apply for pregnancy. So make sure you read your chosen insurers fine print before you travel.

To make life a little easier we’ve outlined clearly when you will, and won’t be covered if you travel while pregnant:

You’re not covered:

  • If you’re travelling against doctor's advice
  • If you’re travelling beyond the maximum weeks of pregnancy permitted
  • If you’re having a multiple pregnancy
  • If you have a pregnancy with complications*
  • If you’re undergoing or have gone through fertility treatment
  • For childbirth at any gestation
  • For care of a newborn child
  • For regular antenatal care

You are covered:

  • If you have multiple pregnancies without complications
  • If your pregnancy does not arise from assisted reproduction
  • If you have an additional premium under your pre-existing medical plan

Travel insurers typically covers up until 26 week of pregnancy. To see who covers longer see our pregnancy travel insurance guide.         

For more help, visit our family travel insurance tips and guides.

Don’t forget to use our travel insurance comparison to compare dozens of family travel insurance quotes in seconds.

*complications are defined as ‘Any secondary diagnosis prior, during, or as a results of pregnancy which may affect the pregnancy outcome.



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