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Worldwide travel insurance compared

With tourists travelling further and to more places than ever before, international travel insurance has never been more essential.
If you're heading on a worldwide trip you'll likely experience new languages, climates and cultures. Whilst a varied itinerary can be amazing, it can also expose you to greater travel risks such as medical emergencies, luggage loss, missed flights, trip delays or cancellation
The reality is, most people save up for years for an international trip but rarely anticipate the financial blow of a travel mishap. 
Smart Traveler Australia puts it best, ‘If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!’

With over 200,000 Australians needing assistance whilst overseas every year, it is more pertinent than ever to ensure you have the appropriate coverage before jet setting around the world.

Unlike domestic travel, travelling internationally means you are personally liable for all your medical and safety costs whilst overseas. The Australian government cannot assist and pay for medical expenses when you are outside the Australian border.

A medical crisis overseas can be incredibly costly. For a few hundred dollars, travel insurance can provide you with a financial safety net should the worst happen. 

The cost of medical care abroad

A recent report by The Herald Sun revealed the most expensive hospital beds to end up in while travelling abroad.

  • New York City $16,000-$21,500
  • Hawaii $10,500
  • Canada $10,000
  • France $9,500-$12,500
  • California $8,500
  • Florida $8,500
  • Thailand $3,000
  • Indonesia $3,000
  • Vietnam $2,000-$2,500

A quick glance at this list should send the message home; a hospital visit overseas is far from cheap! Falling ill or getting injured on holiday is bad enough. Travel insurance will cover your medical fees so you can focus on getting better. 

Why buy worldwide travel insurance 

The beauty of worldwide travel insurance is that it covers you for any travel destination throughout the world. With the right policy you can have peace of mind that wherever your travels take you, you’re covered! But be sure to check with your insurance provider if you’re traveling to a region against Australian Government advice warnings. If you plan to do so, you may not be eligible for cover. 

As well, the type of international travel insurance you buy affects your level of cover. For instance, if you buy a basic policy you would typically be covered for medical cover only and not for cancellation, lost or stolen luggage or car rental excess.

High value items

It's also worth noting that various insurers will have different cover levels for high value items. Depending on the type of valuables you travel with, cover could range from a claim limit of $750 to $3,000 per item. It's a good idea to compare cover levels for high value items across a range of policies, paying close attention to sub-limits (the maximum amount you could claim for each item). 

How to save on overseas travel insurance

There are a wide variety of travel insurance options available so shop around and compare to find the best value for money policy. If you’re not traveling to the USA, Russia, Canada or Japan, you may be able to save on your premium by investigating an insurer that prices by country, rather than region.

If you're travelling more than once a year, it pays to get an annual policy. Year-round cover can be significantly cheaper than purchasing a single trip policy each time you travel. In buying an annual policy frequent travellers can expect to save at least $200* on their travel insurance!
When travelling overseas, international travel insurance is vital. It’s important to invest some time comparing travel insurance companies to find the most suitable travel insurance policy for your round the world trip.  Use our comparison to save time, worry and loads of money today!



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Our travel insurance comparison helps you save time, worry and loads of money!