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How to find the best seniors insurance

Our seniors travel insurance comparison compares loads of reputable insurers with plenty of policies for the over 65s.

There's no doubt that buying seniors travel insurance online from a direct insurer is the best value for money - around 50-60% cheaper than through a travel agent - and many companies have streamlined processes that make comparing quotes, confirming medical approval and purchasing your cover, simple and straight-forward.

Our seniors travel insurance comparison compares loads of reputable insurers with plenty of policies for the over 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. Fill in the fields in the quote box and voila - an instant comparison of levels of cover and price.

Finding the Best Company for You

No matter what type of traveller you are, the simplest way to find the right policy is to do some research through a comparison website. This allows you to compare levels of cover along with prices.

As a senior, you should compare the level of cover provided for medical and hospital expenses. While anyone can have an accident or fall ill at any age, the stone-cold reality is that health problems can increase as we get older. With hospital beds in the USA costing thousands of dollars per day, $800 plus a day being the norm throughout SE Asia, this is one level of cover you shouldn't go without.

There are many companies that offer unlimited cover for emergency medical, hospital and evacuation.

Purchasing the best policy

If like a number of seniors, you prefer to travel with groups or to pre-book mid to top range accommodation, ensure your insurance policy provides a high level, or unlimited amount for lost deposits and cancellation fees in case circumstances arise that makes travel impossible.

Check whether the insurer offers suitable compensation for alternative transport and travel delay, also cover for additional expenses in the instance that you or your companion are laid over.

Consider whether the policy includes extras such as assistance when you return home if you've incurred an injury or illness that leaves you in need of home-care?

Also check the claim caps or per item limits. This may not concern you if you're travelling with mid-range equipment, however, if you have a 'top of the range' camera, video equipment or laptop with you, it may be worth comparing the itemised cap on personal effects.

Clearly Assess Your Travel Insurance Needs

You may have travelled before, or this may be the trip you have dreamt of most of your life. Either way, you want to enjoy yourself completely with total peace of mind.

Choosing reliable, comprehensive seniors travel insurance is now hassle free and cost effective. Remember to always read the PDS to understand what is and isn't covered by your policy. Start comparing seniors travel insurance policies now!